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Hand Made Pasta

Sfoglina Simonetta


My professional courses are aimed at schools, institutes, culinary universities that want to expand their educational offer and give their students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of one of the most requested sectors by Italian as well as foreign restaurants.

My courses are mainly hands-on and last between 3-5 days. The programmes are developed together with teachers, depending on different levels and needs.

The aim is to teach the correct manual skills, knowledge of the various pasta shapes, sauce combinations but also stimulate students’ creativity.


Rolling-out dough contests are always successful formats to be organized as annual events or at fairs, festivals and exhibitions, under the aegis of local authorities, associations or in collaboration with companies.

Contests are open to anyone and, with the help of a jury, the largest and most regular (obviously round) sheet of egg pasta wins.

There is only one winner, but all contestants are protagonists, since they testify to the importance of passing on the tradition of the art of hand making fresh pasta, an undisputed excellence of Italian cuisine.


Hands-on pasta making classes:
Anyone can learn the art of hand making fresh pasta, thanks to the special method I teach in my classes.

Each class lasts 3 hours. At the end of the class, you will be able to take home your freshly handmade pasta and you will be given the lesson notes.

You don’t need to have your own boards and rolling pins and no special cookery skill or knowledge is required.

My amateur pasta making classes can be held anywhere, as long as there are tables we can use (e.g. restaurants, halls, etc.). I offer a wide range of courses, but if you have special needs, feel free to let me know.


Video call pasta classes with me, directly from italy. Connect with me in real time from the comfort of your home and I will follow you as you make handmade fresh pasta step by step.

Egg pasta, no egg pasta, protein pasta, colored pasta…and other regional recipes.
Choose your lesson and we can make your favorite pasta and sauce together.
We will start from the ingredients and I will show you not only how to make pasta, but also how to cook and store it.

Contact me and I will send you my proposal and all the information you need to set up your work bench!

Fairs and

If you are a company willing to attract people with one of the most appreciated and popular products of Italian cuisine worldwide during a fair, event or opening, all you need is a table and my pasta shows, and success is guaranteed.

No one can resist in front of a skillfully rolled out sheet of pasta or beautifully made tortellini on the spot!


If you are coming over to Italy on vacation, how could you miss the experience of a hands-on pasta making class?

You will have a great time while learning how to make authentic pasta recipes and discovering the history and tradition behind this art.

A pasta class is an enjoyable and immersive way to have a real Italian experience and eat what you have made after the class.

Classes can be held at farmhouses, country houses, villas.

If you are a travel agency or if you want to plan a vacation in Italy, contact me to organize your pasta experience.


More and more companies are interested in pasta classes as team building experiences to create team spirit, synergy and fun opportunities, often on occasion of meetings and conferences.

The outcome is always successful, because the winning formula of pasta classes is that they help you discover your manual skills, they are fun and there is always something useful to learn.

If you are a team-building agency or company and you are interested, feel free to contact me to create a tailor-made event.


If you are a restaurant willing to offer your customers an excellence of Italian cuisine and, at the same time, give your staff an incredible and stimulating opportunity for growth, then I will be more than pleased to help.

Quality, quantity and working method are the key points of my training programme.

At the end of the course you will be given notes describing the process of making pasta step by step and giving all the necessary instructions (thickness of the dough, length of the pasta sheet, quantity of filling), to make sure the method is maintained, even when some members of the staff are not available.