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http://www.sfoglinasimonetta.it/english-version/Hello and welcome to my website!

I am Simonetta and I am a professional cook and sfoglina.

After working in restaurants for several years, I decided to start my own freelance business and now I organize traveling cooking classes, cooking demos, you name it!

If you are wondering what a sfoglina is and you want to learn more about me, just read below!


·        Professional and amateur hand-made pasta and piadina making classes·        Consultancies for companies and restaurants·        Spokesperson for fairs·        Cooking demos in restaurants for themed evenings or openings·        Team-building classes or special events for companies or private customers



The word sfoglina is used to describe a typical Italian woman dedicated to the craft of rolling out sheets of egg pasta. In fact, the Italian word for a sheet of pasta is sfoglia.

Fresh egg pasta is the most iconic Italian food ever. Using just eggs and flour you can make a dough which can then be turned into  tagliatelle, pappardelle, maltagliati, or stuffed pasta like tortellini, ravioli, agnolotti, etc.

Hands-on pasta making classes:

At these classes you will learn how to make fresh hand-made  pasta with the traditional method, using a rolling pin and a board.

This method is the best if you want to obtain amazing dishes, because by using wooden utensils (i.e. the rolling pin and the board) the pasta is coarser and therefore absorbs  any sauce better.

Anyone, whether an amateur or a professional,   can learn the art of hand making fresh pasta thanks to the special method I teach in my pasta making classes.

Every gourmet food student will actively participate in making the pasta with his/her own pasta dough and will learn:

  • how to recognize the quality of the ingredients to buy
  • how to knead the dough with flour and eggs (or water for other types of pasta)
  • how to roll out the dough
  • how to turn a sheet of pasta into tagliatelle, chitarrine, pappardelle or stuffed pasta like tortellini, ravioli, agnolotti
  • how to choose the right sauce for each different shape of pasta.


Fresh egg pasta is only the tip of the iceberg of a large variety of dishes.

There are lots of regional recipes that use water instead of eggs and special flour like semolina, bean flour (gluten free), toasted grain flour, ancient grain flour blend instead of wheat flour,  or other varieties of fresh pasta like gnocchi, polenta, passatelli and colored pasta.

Every class and event offers a unique culinary experience.

You  will never stop surprising yourself…. Bring your favorite apron and enjoy your lesson.


With the same utensils (board and rolling pin) it’s possible to make one of the most popular Italian street foods: piadina.

Piadina is a thin flatbread that you can fill with a wide range of ingredients (sausages, salami, Parma ham, grilled vegetables….).

The traditional recipe is: wheat flour, water, milk, salt and soft lard or, for a lighter and healthier piadina, extra virgin olive oil.

However, using some creativity, we can obtain a large variety of tastes and colors by mixing different types of flour or adding red wine instead of water. We can even make a special piadina dessert with a chocolate filling!

At these classes you will learn all these tips and more to surprise your guests.


For information on upcoming cooking classes and more, feel free to contact me.

If you are a travel agency, a restaurant, an association or a school,  we can organize classes and culinary events together wherever you are.